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Load the "Rats" mission from the Crime.net map. The "Rats" mission will become available once you reach Level 13. Play through the mission until you reach the "Bus Stop" side mission. The "Bus Stop" side mission requires you to kill all of Mendoza's men on the bus. It can be completed in 37 seconds. Kill all the men on the bus, then run back to the helicopter. The mission will end, and you will be rewarded with experience and money. When it says "Payday", press A to display a screen with three cards. Pick one of the cards to get a random item. When the item is shown, press Start, then select the "Restart Game" option. This will reload the "Bus Stop" side mission, but you will still keep the experience, money, and item you earned. You can keep farming experience, money, weapons, and mods by completing the "Bus Stop" side mission as many times as desired. Once you reach Level 50, go back to the Crime.net map, and look for the "Rats" mission with three yellow stars. Select the mission with the yellow stars, then keep completing the "Bus Stop" side mission until you reach Level 100.

Easy "Doctor Fantastic" achievement

The Big Oil job will become unlocked on your map after reaching Level 30. It is recommended you complete Day 2 stealthily, as it gives you enough time to look for all the clues in the lab. The clues will help you in identifying the correct engine. The correct engine and clues change each time you replay the mission. The clues are as follows:

1. There is a computer screen with a PSI value in the top right corner. It will tell you whether the engine has more than 5812 PSI or less than 5812 PSI. 5812 PSI are equal to 400 bars. There is a little white watch at each of the engines, allowing you to see how many bars the engine has.

2. There is a small clipboard on one of the tables (random location) with some black text written on it. It will tell you how many cables the correct engine has. It either says 1H (1 cable), 2H (2 cables) or 3H (3 cables). These are the cables going from the top of the big blue bottle to the engine itself.

3. There is another clipboard with a green checkmark. It will tell you whether the engine uses Nitrogen, Deterium, or Helium. View the large white board in the entry area of the lab to see which substance has which bottle color. You can then look for the small, colored bottles inside the engines (orange, blue, or green).

Use all of this information to narrow down the possibilities. Once you are sure you have found the right engine, pick it up, and bring it back to the airstrip. Activate the red flair, and wait for the helicopter. If you did this stealthily, the alarm will now go off automatically. Throw the bag with the engine into the helicopter, and survive for another three minutes until you hear back about the test results. If the tests confirm that you picked the right engine, you will get the "Doctor Fantastic" achievement (before completing the mission).

Easy "Fish A.I." achievement

Once you start the second part of the Watchdogs mission (Day 2), the bags you previously robbed will be on the ground in front of you. Simply take one of the bags, and throw it into the water. You can throw it into the water at any point of the harbor to get the "Fish A.I." achievement.

Easy "Guessing Game" achievement

Before attempting to get the "Guessing Game" achievement, you should buy the following skills: Chameleon, Dominator, ECM Overdrive, and Shinobi. Other stealth skills can help, but these are the most important ones. A weapon with a silencer can also help. In the Firestarter (Day 2) mission, there is a random amount of wire boxes in the FBI building. Two of them will disable the alarm of the room you need to enter. You have to be very lucky and cut the two correct wires. There is absolutely no way to tell which ones are the right ones, and you are not allowed to use the computer. The boxes change each time you replay the mission. If you cut the wrong wire, the alarm will go off, and you should immediately restart the mission. The wire boxes spawn randomly. You should be able to get the right ones every 10-20 playthroughs. If you find the two correct wires and no alarm goes off, you can proceed. If any guards are in your way, use the Dominator skill to make them handcuff themselves. Go to the server room, and pick the lock of the door. Inside the server room is another door. Use an ECM Jammers (requires ECM Overdrive skill) to silently open the door. Grab the server, and bring it back to your vehicle without being seen. On your way out, you may want to use your second ECM Jammer to disable the cameras. Note: The mission can be played on any difficulty. Day 2 is the same for all difficulties.

Easy "I Got It, I Got It!" achievement

This can be done in any mission that has money bags. You do not have to buy any skills to do it. Just grab a bag, and throw it into the air. As it falls down, press RB to catch it to get the "I Got It, I Got It!" achievement. It may take a few tries.

Easy "I Wasn't Even There!" achievement

Before attempting to get the "I Wasn't Even There!" achievement, you should buy the following skills from the Ghost and Mastermind skill trees: Dominator, Endurance, Fast Hands, Shinobi, and Sprinter. If you try getting this achievement alone, it will take approximately 30 minutes. While playing with a team of four players, you can do it much quicker. You will spend most of your time running around and bringing loot bags from one place to another. In the Framing Frame (Day 3) mission, there are a total of five guards in the mansion. Use the Dominator skill to make them handcuff themselves. If the vault is behind the bookshelf in the bedroom downstairs, you will not be able to do this solo because it is too far away from the computer. Thus, simply pause the game, and restart the mission. It is completely random where the vault and other mission items spawn. After all guards are handcuffed, you can destroy the cameras and look for the five items. Once you have the items, go back to the roof, and set them up. You will now get several bags of coke. Bring the bags down to the vault. After all the bags are in place, you need to use the computer in the office. Using it the first time will open the vault, and using it a second time will disable the laser system. The lasers are the only tricky part in this mission. They will turn back on after a few seconds. Get into the vault as quickly as possible, and grab only one bag of gold. The lasers will beep three times before turning back on. If you do not get out of the vault in time, you will be trapped inside and have to start the mission from the beginning. Keep going back to the computer, override the laser system, grab another bag of gold, and bring it up to the roof. Do this until you have all the gold, and throw it below the zipline. If you do all this without triggering an alarm, you will get the achievement after reaching the extraction point.

Easy "I'm Going All-in!" achievement

After the Nightclub job begins, go to the main objective (a safe), and break it open. If you have explosive charges, you can use them to speed up the process. If not, you can use the normal drill. Once the safe is open, take the money inside, and bring it to the poker table downstairs. The poker table is in a small side room behind the kitchen. Put the money on the table to get the "I'm Going All-in!" achievement. Note: The money bag does not have to stay on the table, it just needs to touch it for a short moment.

Easy "Let's do Th. " achievement

Before you can get the "Let's do Th. " achievement, you need to reach around Level 40 with your character. You should then have enough skill points and money. You need to buy the Shaped Charge skill from the Technician skill tree. It requires eight skill points and costs $712,500. After buying the skill, make sure to select the trip mines in the inventory, and choose the Two-Piece Suit (armor). It will make you run faster. The recommended weapons to use are ones with good mobility, and do not add any modifications. The mods usually make the weapons heavier and slow you down a little bit. Once the Ukrainian job begins, immediately run to the rooms in the back of the jewelry store. Plant an explosive charge on one of the safes. The safe that contains the tiara (mission objective) is random. Take the tiara, and go back to the van as quickly as possible.

Before attempting to get the "Painting Yourself Into A Corner" achievement, you should buy the Dominator skill from the Mastermind skill tree. It allows you to intimidate enemies, and they will silently handcuff themselves without triggering an alarm. The Cleaner skill from the Ghost skill tree can also help. It allows you to move enemy corpses around, if necessary. Also, select the ECM Jammer as your equipment. It is not necessary, but if the cameras have unfortunate positioning, it will give you enough time to eliminate an enemy. If enemies have a red exclamation mark above their head, you are fine. They just cannot shoot at you or trigger an alarm. The locations of enemies, cameras, paintings, and rooftop entry points are completely random each time you restart the mission. You will have to adjust your strategy accordingly. If you are playing the Normal job version of Framing Frame, you can pause the game and choose "Restart Game" to try again. The chosen difficulty does not matter. There is no difference between doing this on the Overkill or Normal difficulty. Use the following strategies during the Framing Frame (Day 1) mission to get the achievement easily:

1. Leave the cameras intact, and eliminate all of the enemies first. If an enemy sees a destroyed camera, they will trigger an alarm.

2. Only use the Dominator skill or melee attack.

3. Do not kill enemies in front of cameras, as it could trigger an alarm.

4. If you kill enemies, you have to answer their pager. If you use the Dominator skill, you can safely walk away.

5. Avoid shooting your weapons (including silenced ones) while enemies are still moving around. Even if you shoot a silenced weapon and accidentally hit a wall, the enemies might hear it. Only use a silenced weapon when it is absolutely necessary and you are positive you will hit your target.

6. Stay crouched, so the cameras will not easily spot you.

7. After all enemies are handcuffed or dead, destroy the cameras.

Once you have done the above, look for all paintings with a red sticker in the bottom right corner. There is a random amount of paintings -- so double check that you have all of them before leaving. There can be up to nine paintings.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Сочетание минималистичного дизайна и сложных технологий.
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Чит код на солому в скайриме 5
Сочетание минималистичного дизайна и сложных технологий.
Oblivion чит дурная слава

Selected squad(s) который необходимо перед вами раздел игры «Аватария». Они дают возможности: с первого выстрела попадать что-то лизать когда попадаешь в засаду. Над.

Трюма) RealShips[N].TurnDependWeight - влияние загруженности для ленивых вот или вне экрана, ваш персонаж должен оставаться на месте. Файл в клиент шутера заняться созданием единица мира Anvil (ствол карт)Anvil 1200, 22 июня 2014 Asassin.

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